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What isProfit Max?
The disadvantage of traditional investment programs (for example: bonds with high interest rates, shares and stocks, funds) is that the savings have to be blocked for a long period of time, and the invested sum can only be obtained – if it is possible at all – before the end of duration with a loss of significant interest rate. Such investments usually have a definite duration, and the ending of it means that your saved money needs a new opportunity to be invested.
Contrarily with the help of Profit Max your savings can be invested at any time, and your investment can be taken out any time – including the profit reached by that date.
  • Investment
Because you are able to choose from three different investment strategies to grow your money;
  • Card
It can be used at any places that accept cards, where there are electronic POS terminals and ATMs. Master Card is the type of credit card that can be used worldwide at more than 15 million places;
  • Convenient
Because you can keep your cash, your savings and your investments at one place;
  • Secure
Because you are able to keep track of the position of your investment and billing with the help of online monitoring service provided by the product;
  • Flexible
Because you can invest any amount at any time, while you can obtain your money at any time without loss of profit;
  • Economic
Because your money works for you from the first moment to the last.
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