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Life Division Ltd.is one of the most dynamically developing financial consultant organizations in terms of its flow and its numbers of consultant colleagues. The consortium is a pillar of Innovative International Group. Our goal is to provide you reliable and flexible solutions.

Being result-oriented is one of the main values of Life Division. The company leadership and the colleagues are also proud of the fact that the products and services available on the product scale - that reached and reaches outstanding achievements during the period of economic growth - proved their reliability and flexibility in the phase of economic crisis that began in October 2007. This achievement is ascribed to the joint success of our well-educated consultant group and professional partners.

The foot-stone of Life Division's business strategy is to deepen the ambitious clients' trust by mediating European quality, innovative products and services.

It is impossible to be at the top in our dynamically changing world without innovation. The economic processes of the recent past definitely confirm this statement. Whatever was effective last year or two years ago, it isn't today. The crisis showed the world that those companies are able to proceed and to provide even security and quality service to their clients which incorporate innovation in their business strategy. It is innovation - the ability to be renewed fast - that becomes the base of reliability.

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