Euro Assistance

Euro Assistance is a concierge service in the CIS and in the EU.

Euro Assistance Card

What is included in the Euro Assistance service? Euro
Assistance card saves time and money when dealing with
following issues:

Accounting and document workflow

Consultation on tax optimization issues in the conduct of trade activities in the CIS and in the EU.

Buying real estate

Analysis and research of the CIS ad EU real estate markets. Search and verification of real estate. Preparation of documents and legal support of transactions.

Analysis of commercial transactions

Analysis of contractors, intermediaries and contact firms, allowing to guarantee their implementation on EU territory.

Obtaining a loa

Advice on lending when buying movable and immovable property in the CIS and in the EU

Acquiring citizenship

Consulting and assistance in obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit or a citizenship in the CIS and in the EU

Emergency situations

In case of an emergency, Euro Assistance cardholders can receive timely assistance. For such cases, a hotline phone is indicated on the card.

Stoyan Stoyanov

President of Innovative International Group

The company has been preparing the launch of this service during 3 years. And, before offering the Euro Assistance program to our clients, we had tested it ourselves.

Questions and answers

— How can I obtain a card?

Euro Assistance service can be purchased from a Life Division consultant.

— Who can use the Euro Assistance service?

Euro Assistance service is available to Innovative Securities' clients and partners of Life Division.

— What are my most important benefits related to the Euro
Assistance service?

The Euro Assistance Card is a perfect choice for you, if:

  • you travel frequently,
  • you cooperate with foreign companies or are an owner of a foreign business,
  • you plan to move to a CIS or an EU country,
  • you want to avoid difficult and unpleasant situations in an unfamiliar country.

— Who else can use my card?

Euro Assistance card can only be used by its holder.

— How much does the service cost?

The Euro Assistance service costs 0,82 € per day.

— When can I call the support?

The phone calls are taken by the Life Division office on weekdays from 8:30 to 17:00 CET. You can send a request by mail to or leave a voice message out of office hours. In case of an emergency, call the hotline number indicated on your card.