Here we have collected the most frequent questions about the company. But if you
have not found an answer to your questions - write to us or call, we will be happy to

— How do I start building a business with Life Division?

  • 1.Leave a request for a meeting with a representative of Life Division. You will learn
    about the company and its investment products.
  • 2.Apply for cooperation and take part in an International Start-Up Seminar, where
    you can learn more about our business and make the final decision.
  • 3. After that you will be able to conclude a contract and start your business.

— What kind of help and support will I get from Life Division?

To improve the professional skills of our consultants and directors, to develop leadership and management skills, to share knowledge in finance and investment, we have developed a training system for our partners: Life Division International Business Academy. In addition, you can always seek assistance from our call center: experienced staff will answer your questions related to business processes, help you with the paperwork and set up your online account.

— What determines my success in Life Division?

Your success depends only on your efforts. Promotions are based on a clear algorithm, which is based on a given amount of work done. We do not evaluate consultants and other partners based on personal preferences, relationships or other subjective factors. The system is designed in a way that it is easier for new partners to achieve the first results than for the partners at a director’s level.

— Can I plan my income from the Life Division business?

The company has a clear system of payments to partners and their business structures. Your income grows in proportion to the work done and the position achieved. You will find a personal assistant in your user area. It calculates the income from your client base and makes suggestions related to efficient increase of your commission.

— Where can I do my business?

We do not have any restrictions related to countries: you can build up a business anywhere in the world. As Andrey Stoyanov, CEO of Life Division, says: "Our partners can work wherever there are people".

— Can I transfer my business by inheritance?

Yes, from the first day of cooperation, you can specify the heirs in the contract. We value family traditions and help you build up a successful business and transfer it from generation to generation.